Creative Growth

The Creatively-Called Intuitive

If you’re Creatively-Called, there’s a good chance you do.

While 75% of people are interested in talking “Sensory” (here and now, specific events, details of others’ lives), the remaining 25% of the world finds such conversation redundant, frivolous, and (to be quite honest) boring.

It’s nothing personal.

It’s just a side-effect of speaking “Intuitive” in a Sensory-dominant world.

Think of Sensory and Intuitive as two world languages. But in this case, it’s not what family or culture you’re brought up in that determines your native tongue, it’s what information-gathering style you came to prefer by the time you were a small child.

Speaking Intuitive is all about pushing past the obvious and speculating outside current reality. It’s about speed of information, zooming out to see the big picture, and making meaningful connections. All in a non-linear way.

Navigating the world as an Intuitive has its pros and cons. On the positive side, Intuitives have the unique ability to share deep insight. But on the negative side, finding others who adequately speak (or understand) the Intuitive’s preferred way of communicating can be difficult.

This is especially true for Intuitives who also happen to be Creatively-Called. It takes effort to find fellow Intuitives, but even among native speakers, a Creatively-Called Intuitive (CCI) can be misunderstood.

The muse housed within the Creatively-Called can be so subjective and individualistic that the artistic bent of the Intuitive becomes a heavy dialect around fellow natives. Hence, it becomes even more difficult for the CCI to find like-minded souls. When this happens, the CCI seeks alternative expression. Music. Painting. Writing. Performing. The list goes on and on.

Regardless of the medium chosen, at its most fundamental level, expression becomes the life-line for the CCI.

Art translates the Intuitive’s knowledge, emotions, and thoughts into something the world can better understand. It gifts beloveds, friends, and strangers a glimpse into new inner realities, possibilities, and ideas.

The mission for any Creative is to create. But if you are a Creatively-Called Intuitive, your purpose extends beyond that.

Your task is to capture the zoomed-out tableau only you can see: houses, water, mountain, sky.

Then share it with the rest of the world.