Origin Story


It began with a girl who saw the world

a little different than the rest.

Worried that others would notice her, and even more anxious about the scarlet hue that flared its feathers when anyone did, she camouflaged her coloring to keep curious eyes away from her true self. To trust anyone of the deepest kind was to take off too many protective coverings, and by the time she realized this, her essence was hidden deep.


She discovered her inner-wiring as an Introverted-iNtuitive-Feeler, an INFJ of the Myers-Briggs typology system.


Now a woman, she learned her two preferred cognitive functions Ni (introverted intuition) & Fe (extroverted feeling) was akin to wearing a pair of hyper-sensitive antennas that picked up on the world at large.

Seeing through the lens of Ni-Fe came with the gift of advanced pattern-recognition: an algorithm running constantly in her unconscious, spitting out projections and products at the stillest of moments–often while lying in bed, taking a walk, or driving her car. And at other times, hitting her with insight while reading a passage, drawing to music, or inking her creative muse on paper.

Having gained insight into her heart’s truth, a metamorphosis began.

Transformation started on a tectonic level. Slowly, cracks and fissures erupted along her surface, revealing streaks of forgotten colors. She began to share (rather self-consciously) about her understanding of patterns, individual truths, and psychological realities.

Naturally, there was growth pain. Much of it centering around her relationships of the past, present, & future. Did she share what she knew with others? Would they believe her if she did? Or worse, would they believe her and not care?

In the end, she decided to illuminate the constant shadow in her life:

It was enough that she, alone, cared.

She followed her introverted intuition and became a student of Jungian psychology to help those who had too long felt different or unseen for their true selves.

She shook off her cracked layers, so others could better see her soul’s calling.

I’m sorry to say there were some that flinched. But there were also many who did not. Moreover, there were some who removed their own camouflage coverings. It was then that the woman remembered the compass she had always carried, even as a child.

The girl had foreseen this moment.

She knew what she must do

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